Saturday, May 16, 2009

Balancing fitness with family life

Last night we were out on the town having "family night". This usually includes some form of really bad food, as we have to go to "kid friendly" establishments. Its not fair to ask a teenager to go to a salad or pita place on their one night out a week! We had a ball playing games, video games and eating stuff we normally don't, and having a couple of cocktails (well, the adults of course!). Its funny, but because I'm a professional in the health and fitness industry, many of my friends and clients would be horrified if they saw us last night. Most people expect that if you are living the fitness lifestyle you live this rigid, structured life that has no wiggle room. I have encountered this so frequently over the years. At parties when I get the 10th comment about "I can't believe you are eating/drinking that", "You aren't supposed to eat" chips/party mix/appetizers/other offending food. Or how about, "Wow, no wonder you stay in shape, you can eat whatever you want!" People often miss the big picture. Life needs to have balance, especially when you have kids because you need to set an example. Of course we shouldn't eat massive amounts of fattening foods and wash it down with a cocktail every day, but when you work out really hard and eat all the right things MOST of the time, you are entitled to a reprieve once every week or so......just make sure you hide in the closet while you're having it so as to not be seen.....wink ;-)

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