Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hidden Poisons....They are Everywhere

 As I was walking through the grocery store this last Sunday, carefully selecting the things I think will bring my family the best nutrition at mealtimes, I started thinking.  I was thinking how unfortunate it is that I have to make two stops at two different stores every week.  Walmart doesn't offer but maybe one or two organic produce selections, and no meats free of hormones and antibiotics.  I have to assume they don't offer them because their shoppers aren't demanding it.   Worse yet, they probably don't even know the difference.  Even knowing as much as I do about what is really in our food supply (and it ain't pretty), I often get stuck buying things i know to be harmful just because I simply can't afford all organic.  If I were to simply buy all of my groceries at one of these other stores that DO offer organic.....the price for my same load of groceries more than doubles. 
  Being five months pregnant right now makes me even more cautious, so i have been paying a lot more to get all of my fruits and vegetables organic.  The last thing I can imagine is pesticides from my grapes, or hormones from my chicken at dinner going into this precious little person's developing system.  We have such a steep rise now in things such as autism, which is officially reported now as one in 91, some sources think it may be as high as one in 38 children.  Something is damaging our children, and it is an atrocity that with this information, we are still ingesting known carcinogens and toxins on our food supply every day.  The list of most contaminated fruits and vegetables are:

bell peppers

This has become pretty common knowledge, that these and many other of our foods are literally poisoned.  The advice given for those who simply cannot afford organic?  Just wash them in mild soap, that will remove a good portion of the pesticide.  Hmmmmm, last time I checked, dish soap is not something you want in your digestive system.  Trading a little less poison for some detergent residue, sounds like a fabulous solution!
  Since we know fruits, vegetables and meats CAN be grown without these chemicals, hormones and antibiotics, its now just a matter of getting the information out there to everyone!  If we, as a society shun these practices by refusing to buy them, more and more organic varieties will become available at a lower price.  Its a shame that only the more educated and affluent can afford to have access to the best foods for their family.
  As I passed by the produce section at the end of my shopping trip, I noticed a guy with a young toddler in the cart selecting grapes for his little one.  I was thinking how sad it was that he was going to take those heavily sprayed Chilean-grown grapes home and feed them to that little baby.....thinking he is doing the best thing for him.