Saturday, February 28, 2009

Go out and get it!!! Then NEVER LET IT GO....

I know I'm a little type-A and a little psycho. I tend to run myself into the ground and then wonder why I get so tired sometimes. I was out for a run after work yesterday, and as usual my internal dialogue was yapping away at me. I was thinking how wonderful it felt to be able-bodied enough to be on that run, and what a huge blessing that is. I was also thinking about how often clients ask me how I stay motivated year after year to keep up my fitness routine. Let me just say, aside from realizing EVERY SINGLE DAY that I will never take my health and strength for granted, it is just good old fashioned fear. Yup. I am so determined that I will not go back to being overweight and plagued with health issues. I am determined to never again let some catty bitch in a club ask her guy friend "why he's talking to a fat chick". I'm determined to never again be referred to as "a good 'ole corn-fed American girl". Life is too short, and we only get one go-round. Go out do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get your best, most fulfilling life, and never let it go!!

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  1. I was reading your profile and I giggled at the part where I was reading how you like hard rock music....and then you threw me off by saying, you mellow out to Nickleback...I was expecting the final sentence would say something like mellowing out to jazz etc.
    Very cute!
    Nice to see a woman with great dedication.

    Kind Regards,