Sunday, November 29, 2009

My green smoothie!!

In the last month I have made some serious changes to my diet. Not that it wasn't good before, but the standard bodybuilding style of diet I had been consuming for SO many years seemed to be lacking so much. Too much meat, super-high protein protein powder, dairy and artificial sweeteners. Not enough plants (multi-colored vegetables and fruits).
Well, in my effort to revamp my diet toward a more plant-based one, I have been enjoying one to two "green" smoothies a day in addition to the rest of my daily intake. They are so good, and so packed full of great stuff that I just have to share the recipe. Being told that we are supposed to be having 10 servings per day of vegetables and fruits seems daunting-until you knock out a good 5-6 of these servings out in one or two of these blended concoctions!


1 scoop Vega Whole Food Optimizer (plant based protein)
.25 c frozen blueberries
2-3 large frozen strawberries
.5 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk
handful raw spinach
1/2 small banana
stevia (just a pinch)
.5 c alfalfa sprouts (optional)- these really add a "sprouty" flavor, so only if you like them
1 tsp coconut oil
handful ice
about 2.5 c water


This make a huge smoothie. I drink all of it, but if you have a hard time with large amounts of liquid, just cut the water and ice down.



  1. April, you say you can drink all of it. I need help on when to drink these and when to eat the other foods.

    Can you give us more recepies?

    arlene rosenberg

  2. You can make it a lot smaller by reducing the water. These are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner on a lazy night! I do one most mornings, but when I feel like cooking I will have something with eggs.